Reviews for Kula San Maui’s Place of Healing

This book shares stories of those who were here (at Kula San)at one time and those who are here today. We ask God to be with all who have become a part of this story in which a legacy is presented for others to read, enjoy, and follow. We pray for God’s blessings on those who are mentioned in this book and all who are part of this story…

––Reverend Kahu Lowaena Hau, Pastor, Ka’ahumanu Church, Maui.

…(Brown) is able to capture the long lost, radiant past by restoring a Maui “sense of place” to descriptions of times now gone….Brown gives us an open- ended story worth reading. See for yourself. You’ll learn some secrets.

––Marie M. Hara, Assistant Professor, Department of English, University of Hawai?i at Manoa. editor, author of Bananaheart & Other Stories; author of Negotiating the Hyphen and Downtown Hono., T.H. (both stories found in book titled: Intersecting Circles).

…Brown transports readers from a magical location of green fields and fresh air to the heroic battles waged by doctors, nurses, administrators, philanthropist, federal and territorial government to provide health care to plantation era communities.

––Milton Murayama, author of All I asking for is My body and Five Years on a Rock

…Such a story is not only about Maui, Hawaii’s multi-ethnic immigrants, or Filipino Americans, but more significantly, about United States history and culture.

––Dr. Fred Cordova, co-founder of the Filipino American National Historical Society and author of Filipinos: Forgotten Asian Americans

…Her keen research and personal insights bring to light that Kula San was once decades ahead of its time in fostering prevention-based care and wellness…

––Jack Lewin, M.D., former CEO of American College of Cardiology and Director of Hawai?i State Department of Health

…This enjoyable and impressive book is an education journey to a prominent Maui landmark.

––Shirley Koga Takahashi, RN, BSN, CAN, NHA, former Kula Hospital Administrator

…Kula San Maui’s Healing Place is a stunning testament…

––Lee Cataluna, Writer, Honolulu Star Advertiser: author,Three Years on Doreen’s Sofa

…Brown focuses on Kula San as, “a place of hope, compassion, and healing…

––Maui News

…Brown chronicles the self-sustaining hospital’s vibrant past and unravels the personal stories of patients, employees, and community leaders…

––Japanese Cultural Center of Hawaii, Legacies

…Centennial book recalls a progressive approach to a dreaded disease…

––Gwen Ishikawa, Managing Editor, The Hawai?i Herald

…rich legacy of “struggle and triumph”…text and photographs that weave together the intricacies of this story of hope and love…took me back to the distant past…many hours of pleasurable focused reading.

––Dr. Elizabeth Ayson, Associate Editor, Filipinos Inc. A Journal of Filipino Americans.
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